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Image Pull Backoff

This could have the following reasons:

  • You are notified that your images repositories credentials are incorrect or the image doen`t exists.
  • Your image is very big.
  • You use persistent storage for your code. Which slows down the inital startup.

Image tag latest gives 500

  • Try to find an older version of that image that works.

Your pod returns a 500 errors / Using an image with code errors

Things to consider:

  • latest image is broken
  • try a different image
  • your code might be broken, try to fix the code
  • the data in the database might be awkward and might cause the application to fail
  • binary data might be missing that causes an exception in the code

Your POD IP is not reachable

  • You might be running two developer CRCs that use the same external IP

The result you see in the browser is not the result you expect

  • You have been using your OS hosts file to address the POD, meanwhile you changed the IP of the POD and your hosts file, but browser doesn`t notice. Restart the browser.

Can`t login via ssh

Error: child_set_env: too many env vars


This can be fixed by removing the amount of pods in a namespace.

Dev the system is slow in general

Here are hint on how fast a System should be

Scenario Result
APP_ENV=prod, XDEBUG_MODE=, BLACKFIRE-*= Request will take 1 sec it has no overhead
APP_ENV=dev,APP_DEV=1, XDEBUG_MODE=, BLACKFIRE-*= Request will take 3 sec it has overhead of the webdeveloper toolbar
APP_ENV=dev,APP_DEV=1, XDEBUG_MODE=develop, BLACKFIRE-*= Request will take 6, if the IDE is connected. It will take 60+ sec if the IDE is not listending to the request, because XDEBUG can`t reach the IDE (timeout). See /tmp/xdebug.log
APP_ENV=prod,APP_DEV=,XDEBUG_MODE=, BLACKFIRE-*=XXX Request will take 4 sec, has overhead of the Blackfire runnign in the background

If you use the env APP_DEV set to dev the system is slow

  • Check the logs. There might be to many unseen errors.

If you use the env XDEBUG_MODE set to dev the system is slow

  • Check /tmp/xdebug.log for connection errors, this mean you have not startet the remote debugging
  • If you do not need to debug pph code remove XDEBUG_MODE from env

You see an out of memory error

  • You might have var_dump in the code.