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Helm chart installation

The installation step needs to be done only once per cluster. You may skip this step if you have a cluster already enabled.

Install stable:

helm upgrade --install developer-operator-crd oci://registry.gitlab.com/xrow-public/repository/developer-operator-crd --version 1.1.21 -n kube-system
helm upgrade --install developer-operator oci://registry.gitlab.com/xrow-public/repository/developer-operator --version 1.1.21 -n kube-system

Install latest:

helm upgrade --install developer-operator-crd oci://registry.gitlab.com/xrow-shared/developer-operator/charts/developer-operator-crd --version 0.0.0+615cf75 -n kube-system
helm upgrade --install developer-operator oci://registry.gitlab.com/xrow-shared/developer-operator/charts/developer-operator --version 0.0.0+615cf75 -n kube-system
The latest unstable build is version 0.0.0+615cf75 from 2023-03-21 15:13:42+01:00 by bjoern.dieding

Helm chart uninstall

kubectl delete developer --all-namespaces --all
helm uninstall developer-operator -n kube-system
kubectl delete crd developers.xrow.com

Kubernetes Server Setup

Skip these steps if you have done it already

  • Edit /etc/sysctl.conf and add the line fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288
  • run sudo sysctl -p

Letztes Update: September 30, 2022